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I'm always looking to connect with innovative individuals, companies and organizations.  It's how we learn, validate and innovate.

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If you're looking for a speaker at your event or conference, someone to interview or are looking for publications and case studies, please contact me.  We might just be a great match!

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Do you have a remarkable story?  Are you a start-up bound to disrupt a market?  You might be exactly what I'm looking for! My current subscriber base is hungry for new, innovative approaches to business and technology.  Currently over 10,000 e-mail subscribers and over 100,000 social media connections.  Any content submissions should be in following categories:

  • Emerging & Disruptive Technology
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  • Start-ups
  • Leadership
  • Insurance & Financial industry accomplishments, trends or changes.

I can't promise your submission will be published, but if you've done something impressive, it's hard to refuse!

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I'm actively either writing or editing something cool.  If you're looking for an industry expert to either write, collaborate or co-publish with, please get in touch.  I've published industry research, opinions and platforms for many companies, trends and technologies.  My opinions are bold, out of the box and don't always follow industry best practice.  It can be a perfect addition to you website, magazine, newsletter or podcast.

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